The Nissan X-trail Jam, Tokyo: Exclusive Online Coverage of the World’s Biggest Snowboard Contest and Six Star Swatch TTR Event

(PRWEB) December 8, 2007

Method receives exclusive live blog for the Nissan X-trail Jam in Tokyo the 2nd Swatch TTR SIX(6) STAR event this season.

Via the online channel hosted by SwatchTTR World Snowboard Tour continues video coverage on the Swatch TTR SIX(6) STAR Nissan X-Trail in Tokyo Dome, Japan.

Saturday, December 9, marked the first day of the Nissan X-Trail Jam at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan, with the Quarterpipe competition. Although there was no live online broadcast outside Japan, within minutes of each round exclusive coverage of event highlights were produced, filmed and edited by the Swatch TTR World Tour and available on

The Navicast player is a free, online, on-demand video platform that provides top full-screen quality at the push of a button. With Freecaster’s co-operation, Swatch TTR is happy to announce that over last weekend’s event in Munich, Germany, 75,000 people tuned in around the world to watch Freecatser’s live broadcast of the 2007 Nokia Air & Style, a 326 percent increase from last year.

Freecaster will be continuing live broadcast for the Swatch TTR World Tour at upcoming events such as the O’Neill Evolution and The Oakley Arctic Challenge.

Log on to for the Nissan X-Trail video highlights produced by Swatch TTR World Tour or blog cast and regular updates on is the first online snowboard-specific video platform which, in addition to producing its own content, uses Navicast to deliver video footage and live streamed events which Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour has now adopted.


Riders included at the world largest snowboard contest the Nissan X-trail, Jam in Tokyo Dome on November, 8th-9th, Swatch TTR, six star, ****** are: travis rice, andy finch, kevin pearce, danny davis, terje haakonsen, risto mattila, mikkel bang, david benedek, mathieu crepel, torstein horgmo, daisuke murakami, takaharu nakai, fumiuki, marakami, takahiro, ishihara, keijiro kasahara, kohei kudo, rio tahara, takato taniguchi, kazuumi fujita, rikuya narita


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