Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy becoming popular ski school

The Vail Ski Snowboard Academy is believed to be the only public ski academy in the United States. It is an Eagle County “school of choice” that caters to snowsport athletes in grades 5-12 the way private academies do, without the $40,000 annual tuition.

“The mission of the school is to provide an uncompromising academic experience for snowsports athletes, distributing the workload around the demands of training,” said Aldo Radamus, executive director of Ski Snowboard Club Vail. “The students attend school in the afternoons four days a week and train in the mornings during the wintertime. Fall and spring, it’s traditional school days type of schedule, where they’ll add conditioning activities in the afternoon.”

The school also makes it possible for “high-performing athletes” to travel extensively while keeping up with their studies. Over six years, the enrollment has gone from 30 to 160.

“They get the same sorts of benefits that students at the independent ski academies receive, in terms of support and flexibility to allow for their training and competition, in a publicly funded environment,” Radamus said.
John Meyer, The Denver Post

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