13 thoughts on “Video no.11 – Chapter 4 – The Barriers to Good Skiing – Learn to ski.dk”

  1. To leafsfann9917, It is all about balance on the ski. Take a lesson from an instructor you like and who concentrates on teaching proper balance. Just like learning to ride a bike, once you have the balance all the other techniques follow. It is just not possible to learn in the reverse. You will find you progress much faster and have much more fun if you will give this a try….Good Luck

  2. @leafsfan9917 Yeah I’m beginning to ski and I have been having the same issues. I am getting the turns but I can’t seem to stop! I have tried this but I just end up either turning without slowing down very much or catching an edge and eating shit lol. Am I not leaning into the slope enough? Or could it be an issue with the spacing of my skis?

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  4. Point your skis downhill, then do a sharp turn edging your skis into the slope until the skis point upward slightly. You should come to a complete stop.

  5. 4:21 True True True. I have bad form for I am a new skier at the age of 29. I am in reasonable shape but I get exhaust so fast due to my form. My goal this year to have better form and Learn Powder skiing

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