Videograss Permiere: NYC Recap

Videograss Premiere: NYC Recap

October 13


Tammany Hall was quickly packed in anticipation of the first video, The Darkside.

Words: Drew Amer
Photos: Drew Amer and Larry Nunez

Videograss is known for delivering raw, unfiltered, unapologetic snowboarding to the masses. This same approach was applied to the VG NYC premiere. A place known for its grit, we wanted to bring the greatest city in the world a stripped down version of a snowboard premiere. No over-the-top venue, no fashion show, no mingling with celebrity-types who probably ski anyway.

These guys are professionals. Danny Kass, Jed Anderson, Darrell Mathes.

Hosted by Vans and WeSC, snowboarders from all over the Tri-State area packed Tammany Hall on the Lower East Side to hang with friends, drink tons of free beer, and watch some great snowboarding. Everyone from local shop owners and reps, to underage kids from Connecticut, to Danny Kass came out in support of the strong snowboard scene that thrives in an area far removed from the glitz and glam of west coast mega-resorts. I was truly impressed by the passion and enthusiasm of all in attendance. New Yorkers are a proud people, and to be a snowboarder in the city is no easy task. These dudes are committed, taking weekend trips upstate to Hunter Mountain or across the bridge to Mt Creek in New Jersey. I once went snowboarding at Fort Greene park in Brooklyn, and had a blast. That’s what it’s all about. Taking what you got, being passionate, and making shit happen. it’s the New York way.

Darrell thanking the crowd and two great brands, Vans and WeSC, for making the night a success.

With Vans and WeSC both hosting the event, the night really belonged to team rider and videograss co-founder, Darrell Mathes. After thanking the crowd for such a solid turnout, Darrell introduced the first film of the evening, The Darkside. Being the man of the hour, Darell’s part got some of the biggest cheers of the night. Check out his last shot in the Ender/Ender section in the October issue of Snowboarder Magazine.

Other crowd favorites from the Darkside included Chris Griener, LNP, and Jake Olsen-Elm, the latter of which has one of my favorite parts of the year.

There were tons of dudes, but also a good amount of hot chicks. See? Photo: Larry Nunez

The evening’s Master of Ceremonies and Vans Snow Online Editor, Larry Nunez.

After the always beloved product toss, Enlighten hit the screen. This was only my second time watching this video, and O’Canada! Phil jacques, Alex Cantin, Jake Kuzyk, Benji Richie, Dustin Cravin and the rest of the riders from north of the border all had solid parts. Standout is undoubtably Frank April. I back any snowboarder over 6 feet tall who makes it look good, and Frank does just that, with some incredibly powerful snowboarding.

Danny Kass put on his party hat.

After Enlighten finished up, everyone spilled onto Orchard Street to take on the LES. Many thanks to Larry Nunez from Vans, Tracy Anderson from WeSC, Darrell Mathes, Justin Meyer, Steve Reaves, Dan Broadwell, and Tammany Hall for making things happen. What an evening!

DJ Synapse and DJ Klaw were in the mix. Photo: Larry Nunez

Check it out, more chicks. Photo: Larry Nunez

Eric Fernandez and Jed Anderson, probably discussing rap music.

Steve Reaves and Dan Broadwell, men in black. Be sure to check out the grand opening of Birds Eye Boardshop on October 20 in Brooklyn.

Eddie Grams was in full effect, kicking it 2008 style.