Watch an exquisite glass snowboard slice its way down a mountain

Not all snowboarders are powder-shredding bros who say “dude” a lot. Some are brilliant minds, given to innovation and cutting-edge ideas. Like a glass snowboard, for instance. Because what could be smarter than strapping fragile glass to your feet and riding down a mountain at 40 mph? Signal Snowboards spent a year creating this impressive little moving femur-slicer, with the help of an Italian glassmaker and company founder Dave Lee. To craft the novelty item, two slabs of glass were die-cut into shape, heated to 585 degrees Celsuis and laminated with the company’s signature logo. In this finger-biting, if cool, video, Lee and pro-rider Giorgio “Iannino” Morell demo the board. Watch the sheet of glass emerge from the factory around 3:42 and the harrowing footage begin around 4:55. [Source]

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