What are the average ski rental prices in Grindelwald Switzerland?

Question by John S: What are the average ski rental prices in Grindelwald Switzerland?
What are the average prices of Ski hire in Grindelwald Switzerland?
I’ve heard that switzerland is an expensive place to ski. I’m going in January and was wondering what kind of costs to prepare for?
Are there any good value ski rental outlets?
Can i get English ski lessons midweek?
Any good restraunts or hetels i should check up?

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Answer by dcskier20017
I’ve found skiing in Switzerland to be less expensive than in the US. In the past 2 years I’ve skied in Zermat, Les Diablerets and Portes du Soleil and stayed in Grindelwald and Murren. I did not rent skis but I think rentals are less expensive than in the US. Lift tickets average about $ 40 per day (for skiing all-day on glaciers and hundreds of trails) in March, probably not much more expensive in January. The one expensive lift might be the railway to the top of the JungfrauJoch. Inexpensive places to stay are Downtown Lodge (in city center): http://www.grindelwald.com/index-en.php?frameset=17&detail=49 and Mountain Hostel (adjacent to lifts): http://www.grindelwald.com/index-en.php?frameset=17&detail=53 At all hotels and the Sports Center people speak English. It should be no problem finding an English speaking instructor. There’s more info at (in case you haven’t seen this site): http://www.grindelwald.travel/en/welcome.cfm One more thing, the food at the ski lodges is about the same price as in US resorts (about $ 10-$ 18 for lunch) but the quality is much better.

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