What will it take for Global Warming Kool-Aid Drinkers to start seeing the truth ?

Question by Ozombie: What will it take for Global Warming Kool-Aid Drinkers to start seeing the truth ?
On May 21st the London Telegraph issued Global Warming Propaganda with the Headline ” Climate Change Threatens Alpine Ski Resort ” saying in the article that lack of snow could grind tourism to a halt

Yet on Dec,19 the very same paper had the headline ” The Alps have Best Snow Conditions in a Generation ” saying they could break all records by New Years

Is this just a decepetion by Globalists to impose carbon taxes on us ?
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actually i just put kool adi drinkers in there to get more views, when you post a civil question, it doesn’;t get much attention, you people on YA are into drama and insults

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Answer by Marysia
all i know is — i’m freezing and eagerly look forward to any type of warming! we’ve been without power since 0200 yesterday!!!

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  1. It is going to take a while for the really clueless ones to understand that this is just another cycle. It would help if Al Gore would tell the public that there are 35 mistakes in his movie.

    He wont even say that 1998 was not the hottest year on record. The hottest year on record was in the 1930’s. Which means temperatures fell while CO2 was increasing.

    35 mistakes in Inconvenient Truth http://scienceandpublicpolicy.org/monckton/goreerrors.html

  2. Mr. Bore would have to change the flavor of the Kool Aid.

    The northern hemisphere could freeze over for 300 years and they’d still call it global warming.

    Take the MONEY out of the global warming scare and it will lose all of its momentum.

    Back to your fuel guzzling jet Mr. Bore!!!!!

  3. 1. Globalism has nothing to do with Global Warming
    2. One snowfall is not enough data to disprove climate change theory.
    3. Discounting scientific theories based on newspapers articles is just ignorant.

  4. since facts and simple observations aren’t getting through to them, it probably won’t happen. it’s a shame that so many are so gullible.

  5. No, haven’t you heard? The fact that temps have been dropping worldwide the past few years only CONFIRMS that Global Warming is occurring!! I have actually heard that claim. It’s all another power grab, ole Al Gore invented the internet and served under Clinton but wasn’t genius enough to be elected President so he has decided to rule the world thru carbon credits as he ignores his own words and spend thousands a month on power bills and private plains and SUV’s etc.
    It’s just a way to take away individual rights. In SF you couldn’t have a fire in your fireplace on X-mas or else you would be fined! Air nazis you know…..

  6. They’ll see the truth about the same time they accept the fact that Obama is a farce too. Just like Gore, the puppet of globalists who perpetrate deceit upon the masses to brainwash them into accepting their agenda.

  7. The global warming people are not there because there is a problem, they are there to take away our freedom. They found a lie that got people to willingly give up their freedoms, lets hope the general population figures this out soon.

    I’m not and I believe he is not truly trying to disprove global warming just the lie of man made global warming. The earth works in cycles. Humans have developed in a uniquely stable time in earths temperature, it seems it is time for the temperature to change. Please do some research into the history of the planet.

  8. Wow … the way you reason is so weird.

    Scientists just agreed that there were no significant proof that global warming was man-made, but they all agree (ALL OF THEM) that global warming exists.

    You’re jumping 20 steps ahead by talking about a possible carbon tax. The only fact known right now is … global warming exists and it’s a problem for our future, even if there might be nothing we (men) can do about it

  9. Global warming doesn’t mean it will be hot everyday. It is just an unstable enviornment in nature, with the average temp higher.
    Where I live, it was 68 degress, then it rained, thundered, lighteninged and hailed, went down to 20 degrees and iced and snowed, all in 24 hours.
    This was just last Friday.

  10. Global warming nuts would tell you that “Global Warming” causes both the warming of the planet and harsh winters. Does this make sense to anyone else? If the planet is getting warmer and the polar ice caps are melting, then why did it snow this year in Las Vegas? California had the first snowfall in the desert in something like 20 years. To all you environmentalists out there, I agree that we should try a little harder to clean up some of our bad habits, but come on…. at least try and make you arguments on global warming make sense.

  11. Only after there is another issue that the failed leftists can cling too. I think that “the sky is falling” issue would be right up their alley.

    From Red to Green to Blue!

  12. Is this just a deception by Globalists to impose carbon taxes on us ?

    Yes. Recently I did some reading about the supposed Global Warming crap. I discovered that the Earth is in it’s final stages of the last Ice Age.

    They are all ‘tards and drank the Kook Aid ‘er I mean Kool Aid.

  13. Yes, it is, and the papers that support “global warming” are being written by scientists who receive funding from the corporations trying to sell us “green” appliances and cars.

    It goes beyond taxes and profit, though. It’s a large scale experiment in mind control, testing the conditions for what is coming next.

  14. Polar Ice Cap Melting
    Effects of the more Rapid Melting of the Polar Caps
    There are spots in Greenland and Antarctica which are actually gaining ice because of increases in annual snowfall. But, on average, they are melting faster. For a while change will come slowly, but later this century it will speed up. The consequences of this melting include the release of methane (a warming gas) trapped in the tundra, and a slowing of the Atlantic Conveyor, which would cool Europe and warm tropical waters.

    Antarctic’s ice ‘melting faster’
    Iceberg (AP)
    Guide to Climate Change
    Hunting climate evidence
    A team of UK researchers claims to have new evidence that global warming is melting the ice in Antarctica faster than had previously been thought.
    Scientists from the British Antarctic Survey (Bas) say the rise in sea levels around the world caused by the melting may have been under-estimated.
    It is thought that over 13,000 sq km of sea ice in the Antarctic Peninsula has been lost over the last 50 years.

    The North Pole is melting.

    North Pole ice cap melting faster than ever

    and…just curious
    re Kool Aid drinkers…
    are you referring to Jonestown or the Electric Kool aid acid test?…
    do you even know what you meant?

  15. What IS the truth Tony L?
    You shouldn’t believe everything you read in papers like the London Telegraph … even though it’s not a Murdoch rag YET, it’s very conservative and referred to locally as the ‘TORYgraph’.

  16. I’m sure there are errors on both sides, but you’re clearly listening to too much Right Wing talk radio. It’s Rush Limbaugh and pals that coined the phraze “Kool Aid” as an anti-Liberal slur, so that’s where you’re getting this drivel.

    The facts are indisputable. The only people that push the ‘Global Warming Debate’ of which there really isn’t any among serious scientists, are those that want to keep Oil on the markets for as long as possible. Burning oil is destroying our environment, yet Oil companies are making more money than any other single company in the world. They have a lot to lose from Global Warming awareness.Thus the lies you are being told,and are now spreading on the internet.

    It’s called ‘conflict of interest’. What could the Left’s conflict of interest be? Global Warming is an Inconvenient Truth. The left has nothing to gain from it, except it’s another instance where we can prove the Right is being dishonest, greedy and corrupt at the expense of humanity.


  17. There is no real evidence here other than what you are saying someone else said. You need citation in order to deal in facts. Besides, even the Bush administration and John McCain during his election campaign acknowledged global warming is occurring. They just don’t think it’s man-made. Conversely however, O18/O16 ratios (evidence of temperature increase) from ice cores correlate exactly with CO2 ppm in the atmosphere. Also, recent opposite correlations (since 1978) of solar energy output and global temperature increase suggest that whatever the warming mechanism is, it is out of sync with traditional warming/cooling cycles of the atmosphere and therefore dependent on another mechanism of warming. Interpreted as non-natural global warming.

    The evidence is very strong against anything other than anthropogenic global warming.

  18. They never will. Give them about 5 more years and they will figure out a new scam to steal everyone’s money.

    Back in the 70’s these same people were preaching about the coming Ice Age….

    Oh no, the sky is falling…”Chicken Little.”

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