Who are the “Real Deal Resorts”?

Question by s1ber1anF0x: Who are the “Real Deal Resorts”?
I’m probably going to get a job at Steamboat for the season. And on their website it says “Unlimited FREE skiing/snowboarding at Steamboat and Winter Park. Employees may also ski/ride free at participating Real Deal Resorts.”

What resorts constitute the ‘Real Deal Resorts?’ From California, so I’ve never heard of that.

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Answer by Chris
From what I know…

It is a collection of the rest of the ski areas in Colorado that aren’t all (4) Vail Resorts Inc ski areas and Wolf Creek and maybe Silverton. There was said to be a discount at Wolf Creek and maybe a discount at Silverton – but not free by any means.

Basically its all the ski areas that are in the Colorado Ski Country membership. The Real Deal resorts is a marketing tool to provide resort employees with an added employee benefit to help recruit/retain employees. If you work for Vail Resorts your employee ski pass typically means free skiing at Keystone, Breck, Vail, Beaver Creek and Arapahoe Basin, and Heavenly (in Tahoe, CA). If you happen to work next door to Arapahoe Basin at Loveland ski area, you’d only get free skiing at your ski area. In order to make Loveland competitive for employees the Real Deal makes available free tickets to most other ski areas in Colorado. You should be able to ask the ski area’s Employee Benefits office for further info.

I did overhear someone saying that Arapahoe Basin employees get to ski nearly all of Colorado ski resort for free. I think it has to do with the ski area belonging to the Real Deal agreement AND having relations with Vail Resorts. While working there the only places you’d have to pay for any lift tix is Wolf Creek and Silverton.

Kind of a toss up in my mind… Sure you’d get to ski for free at lots of resorts statewide but how often will you have time to travel the state? All (4) Vail Resorts have lots of acreage and good snow and are all relatively close (less than an hour away from each other). But Telluride, Crested Butte, Aspen Highlands and Steamboat are all awesome ski areas to explore and challenge yourself.

In the end if you choose any resort that is closer to others, you’ll have a better chance of enjoying more than just one or two this winter…

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