Wiz Khalifa interviewed by Ski Beatz in London | SoulCulture.TV

Pittsburgh rap star Wiz Khalifa and legendary Hip Hop producer Ski Beatz crossed paths in London this week and caught up at the K West hotel for a chat, captured by SoulCulture TV, discussing how they first met and came to work together on “Scaling The Building” with Curren$ y, from Ski’s 2010 album 24 Hour Karate School. “It’s like Jay-Z — When I first met Jigga then the whole wave started happening, the next thing you know he’s ‘Jay-Z.’ Now I’m looking at this kid like ‘Ok, it’s Wiz,’ but now it’s Wiz Khalifa,” Ski Beatz reflects, going on to quiz Wiz about how he feels he has grown musically across his three albums to date, dealing with internet hate/criticism, whether his tree-filled lyrics encourage his listeners to smoke weed and what impact his need to “re-create and stay brand new’ has on his fanbase. Filmed & Edited by: Andres Albert x Versetti
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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