World Snowboard Tour 2012/13 Special Edition Gear

Okay, you missed your chance to ask Santa Claus for any of these nice products, and for this year it’s now too late, but still there might be a chance of grabbing him on his way back to Lapland and take advantage of Finland for some urban rail sessions.

The World Snowboard Tour presented its brand new snowboard, a special and limited edition of the cool new Nitro T1.5 (which has already received the famous Good Wood award), a twin with camber based on the T1. The standard camber gives you more control, more spin, snap pop and all in all more power: what do you really get thanks to all these features? More airtime to stick your insane tricks. Or to try to, at least.

And if you’re more in to rails, there’s a special Nitro feature, the Railkiller Edge which helps you out in catching your board’s edges less while you’re at it on street terrain. If you need speed, there’s the Sintered Speed Formula Base of the brand new T1.5 World Snowboard Tour special limited edition, only available in 156.

A high-end park board that suits every rider trying to progress and who one day might reach for the World Tour Trophy – that’s the goal that inspired renowned snowboarder turned artist Mike Parillo who designed the board.

Take a look at all the special features of the Nitro T1.5:

There’s also a backpack by Burton (the Treble Yell Backpack) of the World Snowboard Tour special edition. Coming in black/pink and in blue, it’s a 21-litre backpack to carry your stuff, with external straps for your snowboard or skateboard, an inside sleeve for a laptop, external pockets for bottles and is very comfortable to walk/ride/travel around with thanks to its shoulders and ergonomically-designed harness.




Does your snowboard need some wax after a few months off? Here you go with the Madmax World Snowboard Tour Wax: 80g of high flouro for performance, speed and durability in all temperatures. With a scent of coconut (I’m personally crazy about it, it reminds me of the days catching a tan while lying on Sardinian beaches and stuff…).




The final World Snowboard Tour Special Edition product is all about the contests’ world and the WST trophy itself, since it’s called “Scream of Victory” (or, “YEAHAAA”, as it is called on the shop). It’s a (S)watch designed by this year’s Swatch Art Rules Design Contest winner, the Latvian artist and designer, Marta Zarina-Gelze.

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