Yosemite High snowboarders win China Peak series

The Yosemite High School ski and snowboard team scored 1,087 points to win the four-event Central California Ski and Snowboard series which ended March 17 at China Peak Ski Resort.

The Yosemite team placed third last year out of nine teams with only four team members — Alex Statkus, Ehtan Griffin, Austin Bain and Michael Neff. This year they won first place out of 1.4 teams after adding 12 members and coach Rob Nobles to the team. Second place went to Fresno’s University High School with 553 points and Clovis North placed third with 210 points.

At the end of the four-event series, Statkus finished first overall in the men’s snowboard “slopestyle” division with Daphne Norman winning the women’s title.

Ethan Griffin won the title for “boarder cross” snowboarder and Statkus came in second. Yosemite’s Kelsi Stieler finished the season in second place in the women’s division with Norman coming in third.

In the Giant Slalom, Ethan Griffin, Statkus and Austin Bain finished two, three, four respectfully in the men’s snowboard with winning the women’s snowboard title.

Events in the series include:

Slope style: Event mirrors the Olympic sport, where each athlete negotiates a series of jumps and features. Judging is based on time and style.

Cross-four: Athletes at one time challenge a course featuring banked turns, jumps and rollers. This event is not timed but points are given to the first through fourth place finishers.

Giant Slalom: Classic giant slalom skiing or snowboarding. The course is similar for both disciplines, but the style of gate differs. This will feature a relatively open course about 30 seconds in length.

The races are divided into divisions — boys and girls — snowboarders and skiers.

The top racers at the end of the season were were:

Mens Snowboard – Boarder Cross

1. Ethan Griffin (Yosemite)

2. Alex Staktus (Yosemite)

3. Austin Bain (Yosemite)

Womens Snowboard – Boarder Cross

1. Marissa Hushaw (Aptos High)

2. Kelsi Stieler (Yosemite)

3. Daphne Norman (Yosemite)

Mens Snowboard – Slopestyle

1. Alex Statjus (Yosemite)

2. Jon Fernandes (Sunnyside High)

3. Chase Blanchard (Sierra)

Womens Snowboard – Slopestyle

1. Daphne Norman (Yosemite)

2. Marissa Hushaw (Aptos)

3. Kelsi Stieler (Yosemite)

Mens Snowboard – Giant Slalom

1. Alex Adams (University High)

2. Ethan Griffin (Yosemite)

3. Alex Statkus (Yosemite)

Womens Snowboard – Giant Slalom

1. Kelsi Stieler (Yosemite)

2. Elisa Werth (University High)

3. Katelyn Sunderman (Yosemite)

The seven competitors that made up the Yosemite girl’s team were snowboarders Katelyn Suderman, Kelsi Stieler and Daphne Norman and skiers Sierra Slocum, Christen Cogdell, Jocelyn Boe and Rabea Piontek.

Yosemite boys team members are snowboarders Tyler McCully, Austin Bain, David Nobles, Ethan Griffin, Alex Statkus, Michael Neff, RJ Vlach and skiers are Gregory Royse and Craig Stiler.

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